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Septemeber 2nd, 2020

Hello Everyone! The Graduate Student Organizing Committee is excited to announce the start of our STEM and Society Lecture Series, which will handle topics related to the intersection between our research and the world around us. We believe it is our mission to discuss openly and freely about the way in which STEM interacts with society so that the work which we dedicate our lives to not only changes the world, but changes it for the better.

The STEM and Society Lecture Series gives graduate students and early career researchers a platform to educate ourselves and eachother, and have these sometimes difficult conversations. We hope that this brings together graduate students from across our university to share ideas and build community. Please join us for upcoming lectures, and check out past lectures as well. If you have any interest in becoming a speaker, please feel free to reach out!

To register for an upcoming talk, click on “Register” tab. You can also click on the post on the home page or by following the “Learn More” link on the Lectures page near the respective talk.